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Insoles vs. Custom-Made Foot Orthotics in Toronto

Have you considered the difference between Insoles and Custom-Made Foot Orthotics in Toronto? It may seem like a subtle choice of words, but the team from The Foot Clinic knows it’s a crucial difference that can have long-lasting impacts on your Feet and overall Health. Learn more about how Custom-Made Orthotic products from The Foot Clinic are the superior choice to safeguard your comfort and mobility.

The Basics of Orthotics

Before diving into the difference between Insoles and Custom-Made Foot Orthotics, it’s important to understand the basics of Orthotics. Orthotics are Devices that Support, Stabilize and Control your Feet. Orthotics help people across the community enjoy more active, more engaged lives. Over-the-counter Insoles are commonly purchased by people prior to consulting a Foot Specialist. Consumers use Insoles to treat Foot Pain and to walk more comfortably, but in some cases these Insoles can do more harm than good. Insoles that you buy at a Pharmacy or Sporting store aren’t Custom-Made for your Feet. Sure, some Insoles have extra padding or Cushioning, but these are only superficial enhancements not designed to treat your Feet and their unique structure. Our Foot Specialists in Toronto can craft Custom-Made Foot Orthotics that meet your needs precisely.

What Is a Custom-Made Foot Orthotic?

A Custom-Made Foot Orthotic is a device that is truly manufactured to fit your Feet and their specific Podiatric needs. Designed under the care and supervision of a Licensed Foot Specialist, Custom-Made Foot Orthotics are made of Flexible,  Semi-Flexible or Rigid material to help enhance your:
  • Stability.
  • Support.
  • Control.
  • Mobility.

Benefits of Custom-Made Foot Orthotics

When comparing over-the-counter Insoles, with truly Custom-Made Foot Orthotics, Toronto Foot Specialists normally recommend Custom-Made Foot Orthotics. An over-the-counter Insole is much less effective because it cannot Support, Stabilize and Control your Feet as Custom-Made Foot Orthotics can. When Patients use over-the-counter Insoles, not Specially designed for their Feet, for long periods of time, often against a Foot Specialist’s recommendation, they may develop life-long conditions that could decrease their mobility. During the process of creating Custom-Made Foot Orthotics your Devices will be manufactured and carefully calibrated to meet your specific Foot Prescription. Be wary of clinics which simply push your Feet into a box of foam to create a mold of your Feet!  True Custom-Made Foot Orthotics are require a mold which is digital and precise. At The Foot Clinic, we take a 3D impression of your Feet with a Laser Digital Scanner, while you are in a Non-Weight-Bearing position (lying on your stomach) the proper way! For more information on Custom-Made Foot Orthotics in Toronto and the surrounding areas, please contact The Foot Clinic today and have your Feet Scanned the Right Way the First Time! Call (416) 638-FEET (3338).