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Foot Care at Our Clinic in Toronto

Do you suffer from Calluses, Ingrown Toe Nails, Warts, or Athlete’s Foot? At The Foot Clinic in Toronto, we are able to treat a variety of Toe and Foot problems. Our team will do everything we can to relieve your painful ailments and get your Feet back on track. We treat each of our Patients with respect and the utmost care—we promise to do the same for you. If you, your Family or Friends, have Diabetes-Related concerns or need specialized care, let us find your solution.

Our Toronto Foot Clinic Offers General Foot Care

As Chiropodists, we know how important it is to have functioning, Healthy Feet. If you’re experiencing Pain or Discomfort, let us help. We also sell Moisturizing Creams, Foot Pads and Custom-Made Foot Orthotics for your Feet. Our team offers an array of services, including:
  • Corn and Callus Removal.
  • Wart Removal.
  • Permanent Ingrown Toe Nail Surgery.
  • Athletes Foot Treatment.
  • Fungal Toenail Treatment
  • Cutting of Normal, Thickened or Problematic Toenails.

Pediatric Foot Care

Does your child have Flat Feet or is your child experiencing Foot Pain? Have you noticed Swelling or a change in his or her walking pattern? While Foot problems aren’t as common in Children as they are in Adults, your Children should have a thorough Foot exam. Even though Children have resilient Feet, it’s important to allow them to develop comfortably. Avoid Footwear that restricts Foot growth and always have your Child wear supportive Footwear.

Diabetic Foot Care

Because Diabetes can jeopardize the Circulatory and Nervous systems, it’s common for Diabetic patients to have serious problems with their Feet. Diabetics often suffer from damaged Nerves and an impairment in oil production and Sweat secretion. This leads to Sores and Cracks in their Feet and abnormal pressure during walking. The Foot Clinic team treats patients with Diabetes and we strive to meet your Medical needs. We offer flexible scheduling and the option to choose between a Female or Male doctor. Proper Foot care is critical to your Health. Don’t delay—if you’re in Toronto, our Footcare Clinic is conveniently located in North Toronto on the Southeast Corner of Finch Avenue West and Bathurst Street. Contact us for a checkup (416) 638-FEET (3338).