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Take Care of Your Feet and Visit a Foot Specialist in Toronto

Our services are designed to relieve Pain and Discomfort while improving your function and appearance. The Toronto Foot Specialists at The Foot Clinic understand that your Feet are the foundation of your Body and play a critical role in your overall well-being. If you are dealing with Chronic Pain, Soreness, Diabetes-Related Problems or an Injury, let The Foot Clinic in Toronto provide a solution. From Custom-Made Foot Orthotics to Shockwave Therapy [ESWT].

Therapy and Ingrown Toenail Surgery, we can help.

Are your Feet sending you a message? Some Foot problems, if left untreated, can impact your overall Health. Our Chiropodists in Toronto are here to help you through any Foot issues that are causing you Pain or discomfort. You can trust us to assess the problem and help improve Foot Health and function.

Toronto Foot Specialists for Any Foot Disorder – Acute or Chronic

The Foot Clinic opened in 1987 and we have always treated our Patients with personalized care. We take care of common Foot injuries, Cuts, Sores and Blisters. We also recognize that Corns, Calluses or Warts need focused care, as do Fallen Arches or Pinched Nerves. Let our Foot Specialists in Toronto work with you to find an appropriate Treatment plan for your Foot problems, whether they’re Acute or Chronic. After we Assess your Foot Health, we may offer Corrective Custom-Made Foot Orthotics for Chronic structural anomalies and other Therapeutic options for common Injuries or Diseases. We also offer Therapeutic Laser and Shockwave Therapy [ESWT] to help alleviate your Pain. Surgery is available to Permanently Remove Ingrown Toenails. Contact The Foot Clinic today to talk about any concerns you have; we’ll recommend the best option for your individual case.

Trust Our Chiropodists to Keep Your Feet Health

When you visit our facility, you can be confident about our Training and Experience. Our Chiropodists complete a 3-year intensive program. Areas of focus include Anatomy, Biomechanics, Sports medicine, Physical Therapy, Surgery and many more. Patient comfort is priority at The Foot Clinic, which is why we offer Appointments with Female or Male Chiropodists. We invite you to read more about the Types of Conditions, Injuries and Skin Problems we are capable of treating. Choosing the right Foot Specialist in Toronto matters to your overall Health. If you are dealing with Chronic Pain, Discomfort, Soreness, Diabetes-Related problems or an Injury, call The Foot Clinic. Make an appointment today for healthier Feet tomorrow.