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Skilled Treatment for Foot Injuries in Toronto

Return to your active lifestyle quickly with skilled Diagnosis and Treatment of Foot Injuries from The Foot Clinic in Toronto. Foot Injuries, whether during Sports, work or your normal daily routine, are common and often quite Painful. Our Chiropodists will isolate the problem and determine the best Treatment option for you. We work with both new [Acute] Injuries and lingering [Chronic] Foot Pain. During an in-depth Consultation, we will discuss the location of your Injury, how it occurred and how it affects your function. An X-ray may be requested to ensure there is not a Fracture or break in the Bone. Treatments vary based on your specific Injury. You might need a Cast or Brace or simply a regimen of Heat, Ice or Stretching. Whatever the case may be, you will leave The Foot Clinic knowing you are on the path Back to having Healthy Feet. We take pride in our ability to find solutions that reduce Pain and Discomfort while giving you Back your full range of motion.

Running Injuries

The Foot Clinic has extensive experience dealing with Running Injuries of all kinds. Whether you have a minor setback or a serious issue that may involve physical Therapy or Surgery, our Toronto Chiropodists can help. We always advise our clients to take Care of your Body, which includes Stretching properly, wearing appropriate Footwear and resting at appropriate intervals.

Our Team can assist you with the following types of Running Injuries:

  • Plantar Fasciitis – Pain in the Heel due to the Inflammation of the Ligament at the base of your Foot. This can cause Pain when Running or Walking and may lead to a Heel spur.
  • Achilles Tendonitis – Painful Condition in the Tendon that connects your Leg to your Foot. If untreated, you will be at risk for a rupture in the Tendon.
  • Arch Pain – Also known as a Strain, this Condition is marked by Inflammation or a Burning sensation under the Arch of your Foot.
  • Shin Splints – General term for any Pain in the Bone between your Knee and Ankle.
  • Hip Stress Fracture – Common with long distance runners and associated with constant, repetitive motion.
  • Pulled Hamstring – An Injury to the Hamstring Muscle that can cause mild to severe Pain.

Sprains & Strains

Some of the common Injuries we treat at The Foot Clinic in Toronto are Sprains and Strains. Many of our Patients suffer these Injuries when working out.

Sprain – Stretching or Tearing of a Ligament

If your Injury involves the stretching or tearing of a Ligament, you have a Sprain. Your Ligaments are bands of Connective Tissue that join the ends of 2 Bones. They help to stabilize and support your Body’s Joints. The Ligaments in your Knee allow you to Walk and run. A Sprain can be caused by direct or indirect Trauma that knocks your Joint out of position or overstretches it. In severe cases, the supporting Ligaments will rupture. Sprains are often caused by falls where you land awkwardly or Running on uneven surfaces.

Symptoms include:

  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
You might hear a pop or tear during the Injury. In severe cases, the Joint will not be functional.

Strain – Injury of a Muscle or Tendon

If you have a Strain, you may have Injured a Muscle or Tendon, the cord of Tissue that attaches your Muscles and Bones. These Injuries are typically the result of prolonged and repetitive movements. Our Toronto Chiropodists often stress the importance of taking breaks in your workout and resting your Muscles and Tendons at regular intervals.

Symptoms include:

  • Pain
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Weakness
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Cramping
Severe Strains can involve the rupturing of your Muscle or Tendon, resulting in a complete loss of function in the affected area. If you are Injured, The Foot Clinic can help with accurate Diagnosis and Customized Treatments for your unique situation.