New Shoes: The Best Fit for Healthy Feet

New Shoes: The Best Fit for Healthy Feet 2017-05-25T06:22:15+00:00

New Shoes: The Best Fit for Healthy Feet

Shopping for Shoes can be a fun experience, but it can also lead to frustration. If you have Wide, Narrow, Flat or High-Arched Feet, shopping around and trying on Shoes can quickly become a long and futile mission. While the employees at the Shoe store can help you try on different sizes, it is important to be aware of common causes of Discomfort. Only you know the best fit for your Foot, so while others may be saying the shoes look good, you need to prioritize comfort as well as style. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to problems with your Feet, Back and Knees in the future, so being uncompromising on the right fit today will pay off tomorrow.

Find the Best Fit: What to Look for in Your New Shoes

Here are the main points to mentally check off when shopping for your new pair of Shoes:

Supportive/Cushioned Sole

The Sole of your Shoes separates you from the ground and needs to provide adequate Protection and Support from all kinds of surfaces. Ensure that there is Arch support, some Flexibility, Traction, and enough material to make a difference. A strong Sole will also increase the lifespan of your new Shoes, so look for quality in this key area.

Heel Area

The back of the Shoes is a common area where fit can miss the mark. If it digs in, rides up, moves when you walk or is too tight, they aren’t the right Shoes for you.


Whether the side of your Foot is hanging over the edge of the Sandal or the Boot feels tight and restrictive through the widest part of your Foot, you shouldn’t compromise on width. Research some brands that make wide widths and see if you have better luck with their fit. Bunions, Discomfort and long break-in periods are unnecessary and Painful.


Whether they are new Heels for the office or special cleats for sports, you need to walk around the store when you try on Shoes. Looking in the mirror is great, but it only tells half the story. Take your time, walk quickly, and don’t be shy to run and jump to really get a sense of how the Shoes will fit and stay on your Feet.

Looking for Perfect Fitting Shoes? Get Custom Orthotics from an Established Toronto Chiropodist

Your new Shoes need to be Functional and Supportive so you can handle everything in your path. Struggling to find the right fit, or have a pair of Shoes you love that are painfully uncomfortable? The Foot Clinic can provide Custom-Made Orthotics in Toronto and Thornhill. Turn to our friendly staff for assistance sizing your Shoes, creating Custom-Made Orthotics and determining the specific attributes Shoes should have to fit your Feet. There are only so many different sizes of Shoes, but everyone’s Feet are different. Let us help you find the solution to your Shoe troubles, Foot Pain or Injuries with our comprehensive Foot Care Services. If you need Custom-Made Foot Orthotics or want to learn more about finding the perfect fit for your Footwear, contact the Foot Clinic in Toronto. Call us today at: (416) 638-FEET (3338) to book your Consultation or contact us online for more information.