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Toronto Foot Clinic Discusses Orthotic Options for Summer Footwear

Summer is finally here and everyone is putting away their Boots and bringing out their Sandals, Flats and Running Shoes for the warm weather! People walk around significantly more during Summer, enjoying the warm weather which can cause Foot irritation and Pain if you are not wearing supportive Shoes. Open-toed Shoes are great for Summer weather as they keep your Foot comfortable and cool in the hot temperatures, however Sandals often lack the adequate support needed to ensure your Foot is comfortable all Summer long. Although Flats and Sandals are trendy, they do not support the Arches in your Feet properly and can create long term Foot discomfort if not proactively treated.

Women’s Shoes

Women’s Summer Shoes in particular often provide poor support. Flat Shoes, Sandals and High-Heels don’t support the natural Arches that we have in our Feet. Although each Foot type is unique, Women’s Heels and Flats can be hard on the health of your Feet, as they provide little to no support. If you are wearing Heels on a daily basis for your job, invest in Custom-Made Foot Orthotics that can be put into your Shoes.

Orthotic Options for Sandals

The easiest way to get the ideal support for your Sandals, is to invest in Custom-Made Foot Orthotics, that you can wear year after year. A Podiatrist would take a Custom Mold of both of your Feet to fabricate your Orthotics. This is the best solution for Summer Shoes while maintaining the fashionable appearance of your favorite Footwear. (The Orthotics would replace the factory lining from your Sandals).

Custom-Made Foot Orthotics Process

  • It begins with an Initial Consultation with an experienced Chiropodist at The Foot Clinic.
  • They will take a 3D Volumetric Cast of your Feet. Your Casts will be sent off to a Laboratory to manufacture your Custom-Made Foot Orthotics for your Sandals.
  • For more details about the process, contact The Foot Clinic today.

Proactive Treatment

If you are experiencing any type of Discomfort, unusual marks on your Feet or Foot Conditions such as Warts or Dry Skin, contact your local Toronto Foot Specialist at The Foot Clinic. Our experienced Chiropodists will assess your situation, Diagnose the Condition and provide the best solution for you and your Feet. Call (416) 638-FEET (3338) today!