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Wart Removal: What to Expect and How to Accelerate Healing

Warts have a bad reputation for a reason: they are Contagious, Uncomfortable and can be difficult and stubborn to get rid of. If you have a Wart that needs Treatment, there are several options available. If you have exhausted home remedies and are looking for a more powerful way to eliminate the unsightly growth, the Foot Specialists at The Foot Clinic in Toronto can help with treatment for Plantar Warts.

Types of Warts

The first step of getting the proper course of Treatment and eliminating your Wart is to identify what kind of growth it is. The following are common types of Foot Warts:
  • Plantar – These Warts are found on the bottom of the Foot, and often develop a Callus surrounding the painful Wart. Dark specks or black dots may be visible in the Wart. Having one can feel like walking with a pebble in your shoe.
  • Periungual – You will find these Warts around Toenails that appear as clusters of rough, irregular bumps.
  • Common – These Warts can appear as a single Wart or in a cluster or group. They are usually rough, gray-brown bumps that have a dome-shape.

Treatment Options for Warts

If you have Warts that are causing you Pain, embarrassment, or are spreading, you have the following Treatment options:
  • Liquid Nitrogen – This is one of the most common treatment options administered to remove Warts. Freezing the Wart cuts off the Capillaries that supply Blood to the Wart, causing it to “die.”
  • Acid Peels – Various Acids such as Salicyclic Acid may be administered to the Wart in order to get rid of it. Foot Specialists can provide a stronger chemical peel than those that are available for at-home use, ensuring Patients don’t burn their own Skin or cause permanent scarring in an attempt to remove the Wart.
  • Physical Scraping [Debridement] – Scraping down the Wart can be an effective means of Treatment, especially if they are Callused and not causing you discomfort.
  • Pre-Treatment – If possible, try your best to reduce the size of your Wart before receiving professional Treatment. This will give the Podiatrist the best odds of targeting the “Root” rather than excess Skin that has built up around the Wart.
  • Multiple Treatments – As noted, some Warts are stubborn and won’t go away without a fight. If you have a particularly tough Wart, it may require more than one course of Treatment to fully eliminate it from its place on your Foot.
Looking for a final solution to your unsightly Foot Warts? Contact the Foot Care Specialists in Toronto at The Foot Clinic. We have a team of trained Foot Specialists with years of experience who can help you find the right Treatment option for your Wart removal and other unwanted Skin growths on your Feet. Whether you have Chronic Pain or Warts, we can help treat your Sore Feet. Call the Foot Care Specialists at The Foot Clinic in Toronto at (416) 638-FEET (3338) to schedule an Appointment or contact us online to learn more about our Foot Care Services.