Hot weather means residents of Ontario get to shed their Winter layers, take off their woollen Socks and spend more time outdoors! If you are looking for new Shoes to take you through this Summer’s heat waves, you will want to focus on Fit and Function as much as fashion. While there are plenty of beautiful Sandals each year, not all are made equal. The wrong pair can lead to Blisters, Heel Pain and long-term damage if you will be wearing them every day of the season.

Tips for Finding Supportive, Quality Summer Shoes

Use the following tips to find your perfect pair of Summer Shoes.

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Breathable: Toronto Summers bring the heat, which isn’t always the best for your Feet. When your Feet are left in Moist, Sweaty Socks and Shoes, it increases the likelihood that you will develop a Fungal Infection like Athlete’s Foot. Too much moisture also increases your chances of developing Blisters, causing an unpleasant odour to develop in otherwise new and clean Shoes and can also be very uncomfortable. Look for Shoes that provide airflow and invest in moisture-wicking socks to keep your Feet happy and dry through all your Summer activities.

Quality Soles: Whether you need a pair of Sandals for running errands around the city or are looking for new running Shoes for jogging around the lake, the bottom of the Shoe is a good indicator of quality. You’ll be able to tell how much wear a Shoe can provide based on the Sole, so take some time to closely consider the materials, level of support and thickness. Many Sandals offer very little in the way of a ‘Sole’, but being a little picky and holding out for a pair with some Arch Support and Flexibility will pay off on long, hot days.

Lightweight: Heavy Shoes can provide better traction and durability against Snow and Slush, but easier Summer walking conditions mean you should look for Shoes that are light. They will be easier to move in, dry faster after Summer thunderstorms and look better with your breezy Summer outfits. Your Foot can move more freely in a lightweight Shoe and they will typically put less pressure on your Feet.

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While it seems like a straightforward list of attributes, it isn’t always easy to find Shoes that fit and function properly for the Summer. It can be especially challenging if you have suffered from a Sports Injury, have chronic Pain or have Flat Feet or High Arches. The team at The Foot Clinic can provide Custom-Made Foot Orthotics to help you get the perfect Fit in your new Shoes and Sandals.

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