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Achilles Tendonitis

Painful condition in the Tendon that connects your Leg to your Foot. Running can cause undue pressure on the Achilles Tendon which can be made more severe when you wear improper running Shoes, or don’t properly stretch before and after your run. If untreated, you will be at risk for a rupture in the Tendon.

Strain / Arch Pain

This Condition is marked by Inflammation or a Burning sensation under the Arch of your Foot due to an injured Muscle or Tendon. These injuries are typically the result of prolonged and repetitive movements. Our Toronto Chiropodists often stress the importance of taking breaks in your Workout and resting your Muscles and Tendons at regular intervals.


The stretching or tearing of your Muscle or Tendon, resulting in Pain, Swelling or loss of function in the affected area. If you are injured, The Foot Clinic can help with accurate Diagnosis and customized Treatments for your unique situation.


If your Injury involves the stretching or tearing of a Ligament, you have a Sprain. A Sprain can be caused by direct or indirect trauma that knocks your Joint out of position or overstretches it. You might hear a pop or tear during the Injury. In severe cases, the Supporting Ligaments will rupture and the Joint will not be functional. Sprains are often caused by falls where you land awkwardly or running on uneven surfaces.

High Arch Foot (Pes Cavus)

A Pes Cavus Foot is a condition in which the Foot has a very high Arch. Because of this high Arch, an excessive amount of weight is placed on the Ball and Heel of the Foot when Walking or Standing. A Cavus Foot can lead to a variety of signs and symptoms, such as Pain and Instability. It can develop at any age and can occur in one or both Feet. The high Arch may represent an inherited structural abnormality.

Fallen Arches / Flat Feet / (ie. Pes Planus)

If your entire Foot presses on the ground as you Walk because your Arch can’t properly Support your Foot, you have Fallen Arches, also called FlatFoot. With a range of Custom-Made Foot Orthotics, you can Stand and Walk with proper Alignment. See one of our Podiatry professionals to help alleviate the problems associated with fallen Arches, including Support of your bodyweight, major Joint pressure, lower Back Pain and formation of Bunions.

Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

Plantar Fasciitis can occur if you tear your Plantar Fascia Ligament located along the bottom of your Foot. This creates Burning, Aching and even stabbing Pain in the Heel(s) of your Feet. Because your Body tries to Heal the Inflammation in the Ligament at night, many people with Plantar Fasciitis feel the most Pain in the morning, with the Pain decreasing as the Tissues get stretched throughout the day. One of the common causes of Plantar Fasciitis is inadequate Support from your Shoes.

Heel Spur

A Heel Spur is bony protrusion located on the bottom of the Heel. The Heel Spur grows in the direction of the pulling from the Plantar Fascia. On an X-ray, the Heel Spur can be seen growing towards your Toes. However, it is the Plantar Fasciitis itself that causes the Pain – Heel Spurs in the absence of Plantar Fasciitis won’t be Painful.

Bunion / (ie. Hallux Valgus)

Bunions are protrusions at the side of the big Toe Joint. A form of Degenerative Arthritis (Osteoarthritis) or improper Foot Alignment can cause Bunions to form. A Bunion exists when your big Toe gets angled towards your second Toe. Don’t wait until your Bunions push your Toes out of Alignment, making Walking Painful or wearing Footwear difficult. The Chiropodists of The Foot Clinic in Toronto offer Treatment options for Bunions that fit your individual condition.

Tailor's Bunions

A variation of the traditional Bunion, Tailor’s Bunions are caused by continued pressure on the outside of the baby Toe, often from a poorly fitting Shoe. This issue can often be treated simply by using padding on the fifth Toe or by switching to a wider, less pointy Shoe. Book an Appointment at The Foot Clinic with one of our Foot Specialists to investigate your Treatment Options.

Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown Toenails may start as a minor nuisance but can become major problems if left untreated. Some Patients are born with excessively curved Toenails which resemble a horseshoe. In addition, some Patients have Toenails which are wider than their actual Toe. Ingrown Toenails are one of the most common (and Painful) Foot problems. The sharp edge of your Nail digs into your Skin, causing Pain and Infection. We explore options to permanently remove Painful Ingrown Toenails. Surgery in our state-of-the-art facility is available as a permanent solution.

Hammer Toe / Claw Toe

All of your Toes, except for the big Toe, can develop a common Foot problem called Hammer Toe. Hammer/Claw Toes are bent and appear retracted. They can cause embarrassment, problems with Footwear, Skin irritation, Pain, Nail deformity, Corns and Calluses. The bending of one or both Joints in a Toe causes many Painful problems that Treatment from a Chiropodist can alleviate.


Calluses are actually your Body’s way of protecting itself from repeated pressure and friction. However these thick, protective patches of Skin can become problematic, Painful, rough or unsightly (especially with cracking of the Skin). The Foot Clinic stresses the importance of the prevention of Calluses with the use of proper fitting Footwear. If you have severe or recurring problems, our skilled Toronto Chiropodists can provide you a solution by Painlessly removing your Calluses.


Much like Calluses, Corns form as your Body attempts to protect itself against friction and pressure. These are thick, hardened layers of Skin that are typically found on the tops or sides of your Toes. Corns are often unsightly, very tender to the touch and cause a great deal of Discomfort. Our Foot Specialists will find the source of the problem and provide a solution. Improperly fitting Shoes or poor Biomechanics can lead to this condition. Keep in mind that Infections can occur through cracks of the Skin.


By definition, a Wart is a benign Tumor. These non-cancerous growths are typically diagnosed by their appearance and often occur on the Sole, Heel or Ball of the Foot, but can also be found on or between your Toes. We offer several different conservative Treatments of Warts, as well as Wart removal Surgery.

Plantar Warts (Verruca)

Plantar Warts are a contagious viral Infection of the Skin. Plantar Warts are growths on your Feet and usually exhibit little black dots that indicate the capillaries that supply Blood. This common condition often occurs when the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) enters the Body through a cut or break in your Skin. The Virus may be present in damp communal areas such as locker rooms or showers. What may start as a small lump on your Foot can grow up to an inch or larger if not treated.

Children’s Foot / Lower Leg Problems

We treat a range of Children’s problems in our North York clinic. These include Sever’s Disease (Heel Pain), Knee Pain, Ingrown Toenails, Warts, Flat Feet, Pigeon Toes, Bow Legs and Knock Knees.

Stiff Big Toe (Hallux Rigidus)

A form of Degenerative Arthritis (Osteoarthritis) or caused by improper Foot Alignment, Hallux Rigidus is a Latin medical term for stiffness in the big Toe Joint severe enough that it may not be able to bend at all. Along with Pain, your Toe’s stiffness may increase with outdoor activities in cold and damp weather. Trauma to the Big Toe joint or Sports like Soccer can also cause this condition.


Tendonitis is the overuse of the Tendon causing Inflammation, Pain, and trouble moving. While it is often associated with athletes and other Physically active Patients, other causes of Tendonitis include poor anatomical Alignment and general aging. There are several Treatment options available for those suffering from Tendonitis, so call today to schedule your appointment today.

Fungal Nails (Onychomycosis)

You know the unappealing symptoms already if you have Onychomycosis – a Fungal Infection of your Toenails. It causes thickened, discoloured, disfigured and split Nails. Consult with the Chiropodists at The Foot Clinic in Toronto about diagnosis and Treatment Options for your individual condition.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

We encounter allergens on a daily basis, some of which will cause a reaction to the Skin of our Feet in the form of rashes, dry or scaly Skin. This allergic condition is called Allergic Contact Dermatitis. The Foot Clinic in Toronto will help you find the cause and take steps to alleviate the symptoms, including considering any new substances or plants you have encountered.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s Foot is a highly contagious Fungal growth which is often found on the Feet. Fungus is easily contracted in public places such as locker rooms, showers, pools, martial arts studios, gymnastics clubs, dance studios and damp environments. This condition is most commonly found between the Toes but can be present anywhere on the Foot. The Foot Clinic in Toronto stresses the importance of acting quickly as your Body can become vulnerable to Bacterial Infections as well.


Xerosis means dry Skin. This common condition is treatable with moisturizing creams and lotions. If your Skin becomes itchy or scaly, you may have Pruritus, which can also be treated with creams or lotions. However, if the condition lasts for over two weeks, you might have an Infection. If you want to find relief for your severe dry Skin, consult with one of our professionals at The Foot Clinic.


Foot Infections are often problematic due to the amount of use your Feet get during a typical day. Unlike other parts of your Body, it’s difficult to give your Feet the necessary time to Heal. If you are dealing with an Infection, we stress the importance of being proactive. Your Feet are often subject to dirt and moisture, which can make the Infection worse. Our Toronto Chiropodists will determine a course of action based on the location, type and severity of your Infection.

Haglund’s Deformity

Caused by genetics or repeated external irritation, Haglund’s Deformity is a Painful Inflammation and Bony growth at the back of your Heel. Women know this condition more commonly as “Pump Bump” caused by their pump-style Shoes. Consult with us at The Foot Clinic to discuss several non-Surgical options that can relieve your Pain and Discomfort.

Morton’s Neuroma (Nerve Impingement)

Do you wear your high Heels and pointy-Toed Shoes a lot? Have you also noticed that your Feet have begun to tingle, burn, hurt or go numb? Massaging your Feet may not relieve those symptoms if you are developing thickened nerve tissue – a Neuroma – in your Feet. Whatever the cause, if untreated and further irritated, a Neuroma will grow and can cause permanent Nerve damage. Morton’s Neuroma is the most common Nerve entrapment in the Foot; leading to Numbness and shooting Pain under the Ball of the Foot and between the Toes.

Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)

Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD) affects the Tendon serving as a major Supporting structure for Walking. When your Tendon gets Inflamed (often from a Physical activity like hiking or climbing stairs) there can be Pain, Swelling, inward rolling of the Ankle and flattening of your Arches. PTTD and Adult-Acquired Flat Foot are progressive ailments – it’s very important to get treated before the symptoms worsen and lead to Arthritis.


If your active life includes lots of running and jumping, you can develop a condition caused by repeated impact on the Ball of your Foot called Metatarsalgia. It can cause Pain in the long bones of your Foot, the Metatarsals. It is often thought of as a symptom of other conditions, rather than as a specific disease.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

A Chronic Inflammatory Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) affects the lining of the Joints. RA causes Swelling in the Synovial Lining of your Joints which is Painful and creates warming, stiffness, and redness in the affected area. Eventually, the Cells become Inflamed and produce Enzymes that damage Bone and Cartilage, which causes more Pain and deforms the Joints. While there is no cure for RA, early detection and Treatment can greatly help limit the damage of the Disease. Thanks to a variety of Treatments and exercises your Chiropodist at The Foot Clinic can prescribe, you can still lead a happy, active life with RA.

Ganglion Cysts

Do you wear Shoes that put pressure on your Feet? Do you have bone Spurs? If you also experience Tingling, Numbness or Pain in your Foot, you may have Ganglion Cysts – fluid-filled Swellings in your Foot Joints or Tendon that press on sensitive Nerves. See a Foot Specialist at The Foot Clinic for Treatment Options.


While most bones are connected by Joints, there are a few in the Human Body called Sesamoids that are connected by Tendons or embedded in Muscle. Two Sesamoid bones can be found just behind the big Toe and are important factors in how humans Walk. Sesamoiditis can cause Pain to that area when Walking barefoot or in unsupported Shoes. The Pain can become constant in the later stages of the ailment, so early Treatment is crucial.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS) compresses the Tibial Nerve as it travels along the inner Leg. This Foot condition creates Pain and Tingling in the Ankles, Pain radiating up the Leg and into the Foot, Swelling of the Heel, electric-like shocks, hot and cold sensations and even a Burning sensation starting at the bottom of the Foot and going upward. Often Patients will feel like their Feet don’t have enough padding but they don’t know why. TTS can be caused by a variety of issues (including Benign Cysts, Varicose Veins or Tendon Sheath Inflammation), but it’s important for you to visit The Foot Clinic and have the problem properly diagnosed.

Arthritis in Toe Joints

A Surgical clean up in the big Toe Joint may be required to increase Joint range of motion and decrease Pain.

Hip Stress Fracture

Common with long distance Runners and associated with constant, repetitive motion.

Pulled Hamstring

An Injury to the Hamstring Muscle that can cause mild to severe Pain.

Shin Splints

General term for any Pain in the Bone between your Knee and Ankle. Foot imbalance or weakness can lead to tearing of the lining on the front of your Shin Bone. Consult the Foot Specialists at The Foot Clinic if you’re in pain.

As Chiropodists, we know how important it is to have functioning, Healthy Feet. If you are experiencing Pain or Discomfort, let us help. We also sell moisturizing Creams, Foot pads and Custom-Made Foot Orthotics.

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