We treat all Foot & Ankle problems, big or small!

When you suffer from a Foot or Ankle problem, the Pain and Discomfort can make it a challenge to engage in simple, daily activities. When the Pain disrupts your life, you need to contact a skilled, experienced Podiatrist to get a resolution.

We treat each of our Patients with respect and we promise to do the same for you. Our Services are available in a multitude of languages, such as Korean, Hebrew & French.

Additionally, No Referrals are necessary. We are always glad to Welcome new Patients!

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Phone: 416-638-FEET(3338)

Web: www.WeTreatSoreFeet.com

We help to raise awareness for Diabetic Foot Care.

If you or someone you know has Diabetes-related Foot concerns or needs Specialized Care, let us find a solution that Works.

The Foot Clinic has extensive experience dealing with Running Injuries of all kinds. Whether you have a minor setback or a serious issue that may involve Physical Therapy or surgery, our Toronto Chiropodists are here to help.

We always advise our patients to take precautions before Physical exertion on the Ankles and Feet, which includes stretching properly, wearing appropriate Footwear and resting at appropriate intervals.

Whether you are Working out or simply going about your average daily chores, (even Standing for prolonged periods at Work), you are still using your Body. That means overuse injuries can occur. Tendons, Ligaments, Muscles, Nerve Tissue and Bones can all be impacted by overuse.

Some common causes are lack of Muscle strength and endurance, poor core Stability, inflexibility, faulty Workout techniques, or incorrect Footwear.

We Can Help You To:

  • Wear the Shoes you love.
  • Move comfortably & eliminate Pain.
  • Return to the activities you enjoy.
  • Speed recovery after Foot surgery.
  • Straighten crooked Toes or Bunions.
  • Improve Knee, Hip & Lower Back Pain.
  • Fix unsightly Warts & Fungal Nails.
  • Remove ingrown Toenails gently.

Foot Care for the Whole Family

  • Family Health Foot Clinic Toronto Custom Orthotics Foot Care
  • Family Treatment Foot Clinic Toronto Custom Orthotics Foot Care

We Love Seeing Kids’ Feet Too!

Is your Child experiencing Foot Pain? Have you noticed Swelling or a change in his or her Walking pattern? While Foot problems aren’t as common in Children as they are in Adults, your Children should have a thorough Foot exam at least once a year.

Even though Children have resilient Feet, it’s important to allow them to develop comfortably; remember to avoid Footwear that restricts Foot growth and always ensure your Child wears Supportive Footwear.

Common Childhood Foot Problems

Sports Injuries
Ingrown Toe Nails or Warts
Footwear Problems
Flat Feet
Pigeon Toes, Curly Toes or Toe Walking
Growing Pains or Leg Length Differences
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