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Custom-Made Foot Orthotics are designed & fabricated to your individual Foot and running routine.

We Offer The Best Orthotics Around

When you think about Orthotics, you may think they’re only for people who spend all day on their Feet or who can only wear Orthopedic Shoes. This is a myth. Orthotics can Work for any person at any age who is suffering from Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip or Back Pain. From Children to the Elderly, Orthotics can be used for anyone who needs help getting around!
Types of Orthotics we provide include:
  • Flexible
  • Semi-Flexible
  • Rigid
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Toronto Custom Orthotics

Upgrade Your Feet Tech For Maximum Health!

Our Chiropodists will use a 3D Laser scan to make a unique mould of your Feet. We use this to create a Custom-Made Foot Orthotic that provides the perfect Support for your Feet.

Best Orthotics In The GTA

How We Make Our Amazing Orthotics

  • We use State-of-the-Art materials to make our Orthotics, including Carbon Fiber and a variety of Thermoplastics.
  • One of our Chiropodists will use a 3D Laser scan to make a unique cast (mould) of your Feet.
  • Most Orthotics fit many Shoe types, however, for certain fashionable Ladies’ Shoes, a thinner Orthotic can be constructed to make Walking more comfortable.
  • Orthotics are constructed to last for years. Some of our Patients have had their Orthotics for over 25 years! Ask about our Lifetime Warranty on breakage!
  • Seven to ten business days is normally the time it takes to manufacture Custom-Made Foot Orthotics, however, rush jobs are available if needed.
  • A properly constructed Orthotic will Support, Stabilize and Control your Feet.
  • If for any reason, a patient’s Custom-Made Orthotics are not sitting comfortably, follow-up appointments are available for adjustments (at no extra charge) for up to 3 months!

Brand New Foot Care Products Available!

Come see our selection of newly released Foot Care products for sale at our facility.

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Benefits of Custom-Made Foot Orthotics

Custom-Made Foot Orthotics provide you with the unique amount of Support, Stability and Control that your Body requires.

  • Be wary of clinics which simply push your Feet into a box of foam! True Custom-Made Foot Orthotics require Digital Laser technology that is precisely measured. At The Foot Clinic, we take a 3D impression of your Feet with a Laser Digital Scanner.
  • When Patients use over-the-counter insoles, not specially designed for their Feet, for long periods of time, often against a Foot Specialist’s recommendation, they may develop life-long conditions that could decrease their Mobility.